New Years Resolutions 50 Day Challenge

Having trouble keeping to all those good intentions ?
Go easy on yourself! National charity Heart Research U.K. has some great advice Maybe a little Give and Take is the answer?
In 2017, Heart Research UK will celebrate 50 years of helping hearts across the UK. We have a raft of events, challenges, fundraisers and activities happening throughout the year and to kick off the year we’re looking for willing people to give up or take up something for 50
We understand that 50 days is a long time to go without something that you enjoy, but that’s why we are doing it – after all, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy. This challenge can also be an opportunity to take up another activity to fill your time or focus the mind —

Here are some ideas of things you can give up or take up:
– Give up alcohol and take up evening or early morning yoga
– Give up smoking and take up knitting or cross-stitch
– Give up make-up and take up walking all or part of the way to work / school (with all of that
extra time you’ll have in the morning!)
– Give up take-away food and take up preparing all of your meals at home
– Give up social media and take up 15 minutes of daily meditation
– Give up refined sugar and take up almost anything — this is a tough one but we bet you’ll feel
– amazing for it after 50 days!

Your 50 day challenge is up to you — the idea is to find something you feel like you can’t go without or a habit you want to kick and replace it with an activity you’d like to try explore further with the extra time or energy you’ll gain from going without your guilty pleasure.
Creativity and personal experience is very much encouraged. Heart Research UK has paid for £22.6million of medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease across the country. Your support will help us carry on
this work through 2017 and beyond.

January is always a great time to kick off a new year resolution, but this challenge can be taken up anytime in 2017. Visit the charity’s web page to start your very own #GiveUpTakeUp Challenge.


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